My Work

I try to stay true to my heart and vision. I love nature and its ever changing beauty. I love to photograph  those who embrace  a passion for life. My work is about capturing the world as I see it and how my emotions feel it. 

Photography is art, a creation, a reflection of the essence of a moment. My hope is when viewing my art viewers give pause, envision being within the image and to let the image elicit an emotion. Give pause, reflect and be in the moment.


Growing up in rural New Hampshire, my grandparents and great aunt instilled in me the value of helping your neighbor, working hard, making the best out of what you have and learning by making mistakes. These beliefs are core to my life and have naturally become part of my photography. 

Photography blends all my passions of art into one place. From an early age art provided me with an escape, a place I could feel completely free. Painting and drawing blossomed into taking pictures and creatively editing some of my images in a way that has allowed me to stay true to my artistic vision. The cows are an ode to my grandparents and great aunt who provided the foundation to these values.

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